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George - I’ve graduated from the English Language School in Rousse and studied medicine for a year at Varna Medical University. Then I got my MSc in Social Sciences at Marylebone University, Wales, the UK.

I’ve also graduated from a Bible School in Sweden, as well as many courses on Nutrition and Diets, business development and psychology at different American Universities.

I’ve also graduated from a Cooking school and have been a cook and a chef.

But mainly I’ve been teaching English, translating and interpreting since 1989.

I’m part of mentoring systems and I consult people and businesses in areas of personal and business development.

I’ve been a lecturer and seminar speaker at New Bulgarian University, a lecturer and teacher trainer at Oxford University Press seminars.

I’ve consulted companies and businesses, startups and free-lancers.

I’ve done a lot of seminars and workshops on direct sales and network marketing for different companies and teams.

I have active position on political and social life and I take part in many civil initiatives.

I’ve traveled around the world a lot and love traveling...

I danced for many years: folk dances, Zumba dance; I played several instruments, I took opera singing classes...

I didn’t use to like working out in the gym... But then I met a great coach who inspired me and now I work out at least twice a week. That’s made a great difference for me.
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Zorry Alex - my wife - she teaches English for children and young adults
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Elly Alex - our daughter - she studies at 32 School and is preparing for applying at the Medical University
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Peter Alex - our son - graduated from Doris Tennedy Language School and now works with investment products