Mentoring Club - the power of the community

For many years I’ve been working with people, groups and teams. And my desire has always been to help each one develop, improve and achieve their goals. In my search for tools how to accomplish that, I joined the Mentoring FOR FREE system in 2009 - a tool for online mentoring, focusing on personal and business development. And we have mentored people from all over the world.

Since many Bulgarians don’t use English freely and they can’t use this tool effectively, I decided to start Mentoring Club in Bulgarian. We have had many online and offline meetings and a lot of the participants have shared that it has been very useful and effective for them.

More than 2,500 people have taken part in the Mentoring Club since 2009.

With time, I can see that you can’t have real lasting success if you focus on just one area of your life and try to succeed there on your own. We need to change our mindset, habits, behavior, attitude, circle of friends, lifestyle, way of working… get connected with like-minded peers in order to keep the momentum you have generated and even enhance it further. That’s when real and lasting success comes in.

Change can’t be forced on people - it comes when you’re sick and tired of your condition and deep from your heart you want to make a change. In an environment where you can share and communicate with like-minded people, these processes can be promoted and encouraged.

In Mentoring Club we have some basic values that we all agree on and accept: the right to make your own decisions, respect of your dignity and for boundaries you have put. We don’t tolerate persuading, aggression or humiliation of one member to another or to others.

Each of us has something to contribute and can share personal experience or life story: we have all found a good method, tool or pattern that has helped us to work more effectively and achieve our goals. By sharing with the others we encourage them in their process of change and in their pursuits of ways how to achieve their own goals.


We have online and offline sessions and meetings to encourage relationships, cooperation and support. Because the key is relationships…

Come join Mentoring Club!

CLUBS at Mentoring Club

Mentoring Club

I studied Social Sciences and 12 kinds of psychology but I didn’t learn how to effectively help people change their bad habits that bring them bad results they don’t want to get and build a different mindset, attitude and skills to bring about real and lasting change.

When I got in touch with mentors and they started helping me in different areas of my life and business, THEN real change came, too.

Each of us needs a real person to lend a hand and help walk all the way to real change. Just books and clips are often not enough - relationships are those that really help...

That’s why I started the Mentoring Club in 2009 - to help people connect and grow. Afterwards I formed different Clubs within Mentoring Club but this one remained one of the basic and most popular.

Come join the Club and meet others who think, develop, grow and ask questions. Then help others in their pursuits with the answers they have found…
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I would love to thank the key mentors in my life: George Bakalov, Alexander Djorgov, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob and Anna Bassett. They have had HUGE impact on my life and have helped me be the person I am today.

I'd like to thank Kaloyan Kurdomanov, Stoyan Georgiev and Radoslav Iliev who have consulted me and have helped me make the right choices and continue to change.

I'd like to thank authors like John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Isabel de Los Rios, Michael Thurmand and many others who have challenged me to get out of mediocrity and continue to change.

I can offer mentoring in these areas:

- changing your mind

- changing habits

- communication and relationships

- identity, self-esteem and confidence

- family

- leadership

- time and money management

- management of stress, frustration and anger

- will-power and making decisions

- managing addictions
and many others

English Club

I have been teaching English since 1989. And all through those years I’ve had many and all kinds of students. And I’m still teaching today. Our results are wonderful, my clients are happy and content with what they’ve accomplished.

But it’s even more wonderful for them to be able to connect with one another and share how to study more effectively, how to keep learning on their own and improve their language skills.

A lot of my students get in touch with one another and practice speaking, present their businesses or products, keep correspondence…

Often colleagues join, too - we discuss with them different tools and methods of ESL and the language teaching in general.

If you want to improve your skills or keep fit language-wise, come join us!

I offer mentoring in the following aspects:

- language learning - tips and tools how to study more effectively and develop your language skills

- grammar sessions

- Language Certificate exams

- teaching ESL - tools and modern methods,

Business Club

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I started my own business in 1997. All those years I have been developing my small business and I have worked with people from the middle-sized or big business, I have been observing them and listening to their advice and good practices.

In 2008 I started consulting entrepreneurs and start-up business people how to define their products and services, how to organize their business, how to present it, how to find their niche and the right target group, how to work with their staff and build a team...

In 2014 I did a course in business development at Virginia University, Darden Department.

If you want to change your business results, contact me to talk and look for solutions together.
I offer mentoring and coaching in these areas:

- defining your vision, mission and values
- defining your product or service
- presenting your business, products or services
- defining your target group
- advertising and finding your target
- working with customers
- working with your staff
- team-building
- motivating your team
- dealing with lack of discipline, stress and anger
- horizontal and vertical teamwork
and many others.
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MLM Academy Club

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I’ve been doing network marketing since 1997. I started as a hobby, as an extra income stream. Through the years I learned a lot and got a lot of experience, searching for a system to help me achieve my goals and have lasting results.

In 2009, when I had an organization of more than 2,500 partners in my downline, I got the Mercedes Benz C class bonus and many people thought I had made it, I realized what system really means (rather, the lack of a system, in fact).

This led me to Tom Big Al Schreiter and it was a real blessing that he started working with me and helping me walk through my questions, hesitations and doubts… Helped me understand what a system is and what residual income is.

Today I am part of a mentoring team and we help networkers from all over the world, from different companies and industries build their business and build leaders. Thank you, Tom! From the bottom of my heart!

If you are also looking for answers, get in touch with me. Let's look together.

I mentor network marketers in these areas:

- assessment of an MLM opportunity and a compensation plan

- connecting with the sponsor and a leader in the company

- warm and cold market

- presenting - aggression-free and with no pushing

- building a team and teamwork

- real extra income stream

- leaders and working with leaders,

The company that I’m working with is SNBA: Social Network Business Academy

A new Bulgarian project that will soon go global. It offers excellent products from renowned producers for

  • health, beauty, weight-loss and fitness

  • household and everyday life

Teamwork is embedded in the compensation plan.

Come and check for yourself - get a free test drive with the 1-year free membership.
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Health Club

Both my parents are doctors. I grew up in polyclinics and hospitals, I could read Latin before I could read Bulgarian...

And my big dream was to become a doctor. I was admitted at the Medical University in Varna, Bulgaria and studied there for a year. While there, I found out that being a doctor is way far from my dream… I quit and sought other ways how to help people.

Years later I found out that instead of trying to cure patients who are ill, I can help healthy people stay healthy, eat right and exercise to be fit and in good shape.

I have been reading a lot about healthy lifestyle and for many years we haven't been ill at home, even in times of viral infections. We found natural ways to stay healthy and build strong immunity.

I have been really interested in healthy eating - we have problems with weight at home and specialists couldn't help find the right food and nutrition program to help us deal with them and bring lasting results.

That's why I did 6 courses on Nutrition at American Universities and learned how to eat right a exercise right, to have a balanced diet and good workout routine, use the right supplements to give our bodies what they need to be healthy and fit...

Today I have lost more than 30lbs, tens of inches off my waist and hips. All our family is taking steps in changing our eating and exercising habits and we all have great results for a start.

I have consulted hundreds of people who have lost a lot of weight, improved their health and physical conditions… It makes me real glad!

If you are looking for solutions, too, get in touch with me. We might be able to help you, too...

I offer mentoring in the following areas:

- making a plan how to lose or gain weight by eating right

- building a strategy for a healthy lifestyle

- advice when choosing supplements,

What we use at home for health and beauty?

Cosmetics and supplements of superior quality, tested and certified, with proven results.
What we use for health and for our household?

Natural products for health and home by renowned producers with excellent effects and high quality.
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