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One can't live a fulfilled and happy life when isolated, alone and confused.

If you haven't found the answers to the deep issues like





if you don't give and don't receive... what kind of life are you really living???


In our lives we get to a point where our mind can't find and give a reasonable explanation. Facts lose their power, there's no proof... Then people make theories... and you have to accept them... by faith...

And even though many claim that they are pragmatic and they don't believe in anything, we all practice faith in our everyday lives. Because we were made that way... Faith in the future, in ourselves, in success...

When we are left alone with our thoughts and sit in solitude (if that's ever possible!), we look at nature and the beauty of the sky, we find that there is God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Not a universe that is part of Creation itself, but a Person with His mind, wisdom and integrity to build the perfect order around us and maintain it in total harmony.

God the Creator made His man, the crown of His creation. Man denied God and fell in sin. So man became mortal and had to suffer the consequences of his actions: pain, suffering, grief, death...

God the Father, out of all His love, gave His only Son, the best and most precious He had, to redeem us from sin and the curse that was weighing us each day - our rebellion to live our lives alone, independent of Him, the Maker, and try to prove that we are strong to make it on our own, without Him. Well, it's quite obvious how well we can...

God opened a way for us to get back to Him, the Father, through the Son, Jesus Christ, and fill the emptiness that is shouting on the inside of our hearts... And live a life that we don't deserve: a gift, paid at the highest price, and totally undeserved...

There's one other entity besides the Father: Satan, the destroyer, the father of lies, the accuser. There's nothing good in him, he's all evil and inspires all evil in the world around us. He's looking for people to serve his purposes and he rewards them richly... but takes their souls...

Man can't be his own master!

The human spirit is an empty vessel: it can be filled either by the Spirit of God or with an evil spirit. However, the decision is our own. We have free will and we decide who we want to serve. And we need to make hard choices, every day...

We, our family, are born-again Christians who have surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ and we confess Him as our personal Lord and Saviour.

Christianity is not a religion, it's a way of life.

The values and principles that the Bible teaches us can be just good ideas if they are not quickened and made alive in our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the real power, the most powerful and the greatest. He is the only One Who can turn the hell we are living in into Heaven... even here, while we are still on the Earth...

Lord Jesus, I give You all the glory and gratitude for making me, loving me and giving me the life I don't deserve!


There are two types of people in the world when it comes to society, politics and the world we live in: some believe in this:

"If we don't look at problems and we pretend they don't even exist, if we are positive and we don't discuss problems, things will be perfect and only good things will happen. Because if we focus on problems, they will grow even bigger and we will become negative and attract negative energy. So we just need to be positive and we will have no problems!”

There's enough of negative energy all around us and evil is everywhere... If we simply ignore it and pretend it isn't there, will it disappear? What happens to a fire if you simply ignore it? Does it die out on its own? Or a plague? It stops because you are ignoring it and you're claiming it isn't there?

A wise man, Edmund Burke, said some time ago:

'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing",

and he also said:

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

Well, we, the other people, see it this way:

We believe that everyone has to take responsibility for their own lives and build a mindset of being part of a community, not an isolated island. Everything we do has impact on the people around us and true progress comes through building the conscience of a citizen, part of a democratic nation. We deal with problems: we all know and we see that there's no perfect world system. But each system of government has to be monitored and controlled by the people who elect the governors. People raise to power and they pull down from power.

And each person has to be held accountable for THEIR OWN ACTIONS.

We aren't recist and we oppose to racism and racist theories who claim that there are superior and inferior races and ethnic groups.

There's a bunch of 'elite' guys who are corrupt and ruthless, immoral and greedy people who think that they can be masters of the destiny of millions of people and oppose groups, social layers and communities to benefit from it and make a profit.

We take part in different initiatives and we want to be a voice of change to leave our children a better world, different from the one we are living in right now.

We have no right to be silent today, in our weakness and desperate efforts to survive, clutching at our own success and prosperity.

It's time to raise our voices today in defense of justice, morale, values and stability.

And everyone who is trying to crush our civil rights, our human rights and our property, has to bear the consequences and be punished.


Many people have already learned (the hard way) that being successful does not mean just earning and having a lot of money.

Success means giving time, care and love to your family - the loved ones around you.

Why so many people today don't want to get married? Can a man consider himself successful if he's made it big time in business but has a marriage that's fallen apart and has rebellious children?

What does 'responsibility' mean? How can you balance all the different responsibilities you have and how do you play well all the roles in life and in the family?

Why do people divorce? What does incompatibility really mean? Where are marriage problems stemming from? Can two people (or even more) live together but be lonely anyway?

Why have children in this horrible world - to make them suffer and live a horrible life? How many children should I have? How do I do family planning? How to raise the kids? Will I make a good parent?

I guess it's time to start looking for answers...

These might be the thoughts many people have in their heads.

And since we are becoming more and more a consumer-type society, driven by materialistic motives and desires to please ourselves, is it any wonder that our kids are not interested in anything else but themselves and they like receiving while not giving anything?

How often we, parents, get caught up in the motion of making money and we think that by doing so we can compensate our absenteeism and being away from home when our kids need us?

How can the generations get connected and our children can have a different start in life: they can step on our successes, values and beliefs and can have a more successful and accomplished life than we have had?

Do we 'get served' good or bad children? How to deal with teenagers? How can you keep your marriage and family when you are in the middle of your own crisis?

How can you keep love and even make it grow with time? Why do we lose romance? What happens when a marriage falls apart and ends in divorce (when you dig under the surface, in the hearts)?

Is an affair so dangerous? It's just sex, nothing more...

Questions, questions, questions... We are looking for answers... and we learn all our lives!

Isn't that what life is all about? The more you learn, the more you understand that you need to learn yet more...