Going back to the beginning

There was a time when a wise man, the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, said: Go back to nature! In a dark age when Enlightenment was just beginning in Europe, people were beginning to understand (or at least the bright minds, not the masses) that they were living in total darkness, they were slaves, bound in chains. And something had to...Read More

Change – the constant in life

Spoken English, B1 I hardly meet a person who likes change. As a matter of fact, I'm sure even those who say they do in fact they don't - they've simply learned to grin and bear it because it's as necessary as the air we breathe... Our human nature hates change - we love our comfort zone, it takes a...Read More

Changing stagnation?

Spoken English, online meeting, B1 I know, I know. You do know about change a lot! You've heard so much about it, you change every day. Good for you! So are you where you want to be? Are you even on the way there? What happens after you 'change', how long does ti last? Why not? I don't know how...Read More

Empty words

Jesus Christ said: My words are spirit and life. I meet more and more people who are highly intelligent, many of them well-intentioned. But when I speak with them, their words are empty, they have no power. They sound like a distant echo and I usually forget what 'wise counsel' they've given me... I usually end up confused what they...Read More

The atmosphere around you

Have you met people that you don't know but immediately like? And you trust them easily for no reason? Or people that you don't know at all but you dislike and somehow stay away from them? Those people haven't even had the chance to pitch you and work their magic on you... Yet you've already judged them! Based on what?...Read More

Who am I? Online discussion

Spoken English, B1-B2 Have you tried to figure out who you are and how you fit into the whole picture of humanity? What's your purpose in life? When can you say that you've found your place? What defines you? Have you got what it takes to be successful in life? Have you found your answers? I believe it's a lifelong...Read More

Spoken English – Identity issues

We're going to discuss the roots of human identity, how it's formed, what influences the process of forming it. Prepare for tough questions tonight :-) (more…)

Learn more about you

English, B2-C1 Personality tests are very popular and I'm sure you've done quite a few. This is not one of those. These materials can help you learn more about you, your strengths, your plans you had in the past and how successful you're in accomplishing them. (more…)

Discipline – the tough skill to master

When I taught children, I could understand when they were undisciplined, chaotic, scattered, noise, unrestrained. But when I started teaching mainly adults, I was very nervous and angry at first: I expected them to be disciplined, serious about their studies, do their homework, come on time and give me a proper notice if they were unable to attend a session......Read More

Laws and opinions

It's very modern today to have an opinion and share your opinion with the world. And that's great - we must be well aware who we are, what's happening around us and who are the people we're talking about/to. We must have our personal opinions... But when we put these opinions above the laws that govern the world around us,...Read More